Ajahn Jayasaro

Ajahn Jayasaro 2009Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Save the date! Ajahn Jayasaro will be visiting Portland on Tuesday, October 22nd. There will be an event in the evening. Check back as it gets closer for details.

Ajahn Nyaniko and Tan Thitabho

Our good fortune continues with the unexpected and very welcome visit of Ajahn Nyaniko and Tan Thitabho on Friday, July 5th for the Friday Night Dhamma gathering. We will begin with a casual tea at 5:30. Hope you can come.

Friday, July 5
5:30 PM:  Casual tea with Ajahn Nyaniko and Tan Thitabho  (downstairs)
7:00 PM:  Meditation/Dhamma talk/Q n’A (upstairs)
Theme: Tales of Tudong

To view some brief summaries from Ajahn’s log please visit: abhayagiri.org/news/tudong-progress

I look forward to seeing you once again, in this beautiful space with monks all around 🙂

Closing down the Old – Opening to the New

On May 31st PFOD Makes a Move and Hopes you Follow

Ajahn Sucitto at Dharma RainAjahn Sucitto just before offering a Blessing Chant
at Dharma Rain – It’s all juiced up for us now 😉

As Portland Friends of the Dhamma continues to investigate options (rent, lease, purchase) of a permanent home for our community, we begin by renting space from Dharma Zen Rain Center as of May 31st.

Final Days at the Sellwood Methodist Church:

First Evening at Dharma Rain Zen Center:

Packing Up the Center to Move

Saturday, May 11 & Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM

As Portland Friends of the Dhamma continues to investigate options (rent, lease, purchase) of a permanent home for our community, we begin by renting space from Dharma Zen Rain Center as of June 1st.

Dharma Rain Zendo
Dharma Rain Zen Center, 2514 SE Madison

Save the dates! We are packing up!
Saturday, May 11, 12:30 – 6:00 PM After the Aloka Vihara nuns meal offering
Sunday, May 19, 12:30 – 5:15 PM Before the Ajahn Sucitto tea

Calling all library and kitchen packers, and people of ability who can move furniture. If you come every week, if you only came once, or haven’t been able to make it in a while—you all are encouraged to join the packing party. Sign up in the kitchen or contact Charla to let her know you are coming.

We will be focusing our packing and moving activities on May 11 and 19 to work in harmony with the monastic visits and the momentum already at the center. We will have a “pod” delivered to the parking lot for ease of packing, and for storage.

The final two weeks at the Sellwood center there will still be the regular weekly program offerings where more can be incrementally added to the pod, and the final Friday night in Sellwood on May 31st.

We all have a chance to share this experience of anicca, dukkha, anatta together while practicing the Dhamma at all times. We welcome all the time and energy you can offer toward the move.

Portland Friends of the Dhamma is Moving

Get ready! We are moving. We are renting space from the Dharma Rain Community starting June 1.

Dharma Rain Zendo
Dharma Rain Zen Center, 2514 SE Madison

Please check back for updates and details as they are available. The future is full of possibilities! Please join us! We look forward to sharing Dhamma in our new space!

Aloka Vihara Nuns Visit

May 7 – 11, 2013 (Portland & White Salmon)

The nuns of Aloka Vihara—Ayya Anandabodhī and Ayya Santacittā (above, right to left) and Sister Jayati—are coming to visit Portland Friends of the Dhamma.

Tuesday, May 7 – White Salmon
Ayya Anandabodhi will offering teachings near the Pacific Hermitage.

Friday, May 10 – Portland
5:30 – 6:40 PM Tea and Conversation
7:00 – 9:00 PM Meditation, Dhamma talk and Q&A

Saturday, May 11 – Portland
10:30 AM Meal offering at Friends of the Dhamma. Arrive at 10:00 AM with a dish to share.
12:30 PM The nuns depart and packing to move begins.

Ajahn Pasanno – Teaching and Community Benefit

Friday, June 28, 5:30 – 9:00 PM
Saturday, June 29, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

At our New Location: Dharma Rain Zen Center
2514 SE Madison St, Portland


Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Sudanto, Ajahn Karunadhammo and Tan Titabho walking Alms round on Hawthorne in 2007. Their route started just a few block from the front doors of Dharma Rain, where PFoD now resides. 

Ajahn Pasanno Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery and the Pacific Hermitage monastics are coming for a daylong of meditation, teachings and our first ever community benefit. The first half of the day we’ll have an opportunity for taking the Five Precepts, chanting, meditations and a meal offering. The second half will be teachings, expressions of encouragement, photos and information—all centering on helping Portland Friends of the Dhamma flourish. Perhaps, just perhaps, there will even be an Ajahn Chah film.

The aim of this benefit is to solidify, and perhaps advance, the level of financial support for PFoD current activities including

  • Programs – PFoD supports 6 regular programs including meditation, Sutta study, kids/family, daylongs and beginners classes
  • Monastic visits – PFoD hosts several monastic visits each year
  • Support for our Spiritual Director – PFoD currently pays health insurance for Sakula

And also to

  • Explore together the vision and possibility of owning our own building

As was shared with the community last Friday Night, PFoD’s Board is working on a vision of owning our own building. As you may know, an organization’s vision can take many, many years to fulfill and may never be realized. Just the same, we have found ourselves in unique circumstances, practicing together in a well-suited building that is going up for sale, with sympathetic owners and excellent location. It therefore feels irresponsible not to investigate our vision in the here and now. PFoD has esteemed monastic support for this vision; so let’s gather, enjoy such encouragement and together see just where we’re at.

And for those of who are not regular attendees of PFoD or even if you have never before walked through our doors, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of a day with Luang Por Pasanno, join in the meal offering or any part of the days events. This day is open to all, doors wide open.

Please, if you have any questions, or want to offer help for this event in any way, please contact us.

We hope to see you there.

Draft Schedule for the Benefit

Ajahn Pasanno on Alms Round

Please keep in mind this is a draft and is subject to change. If you’ve attended daylongs with PFoD before this is of no surprise, it comes with the territory.

Friday, June 28 at Dharma Rain Zen Center

5:30 – 6:40pm   Casual Tea and Conversation
7:00 – 9:00pm   Meditation, Dhamma talk, Q&A

Saturday, June 29 at Dharma Rain Zen Center

09:00am   Morning Chanting, Precepts, Guided Meditation (Luang Por)
10:15am   Break
10:30am   Silent Meditation – seated and walking
11:30am   Pot Luck Meal Offering (downstairs)

1:00pm    Ajahn Chah Movie (possibly)
1:30pm    Meditation (back upstairs)
1:45pm    Break
2:00pm    Intro and Reflections (Sakula)
2:15pm    Reflections from Luang Por Pasanno and other attending monks
3:30pm    Community Reflections (Facilitated by Alistair as board chair)
4:00pm    Casual time to revisit displays, chat with the monks and each other
4:30pm    Announcements, Closing Reflections by Luang Por, Closing Chant
5:00pm    End of Program

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2012 Annual Board and Community Meeting

Sunday, April 21, 2013
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

On Sunday, April 21st, the Board of Directors of Portland Friends of the Dhamma will hold the Annual Board and Community Meeting. Everyone is invited and welcome.

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM Board Meeting
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Potluck Meal
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Community Meeting

At the Board Meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to hear both Sakula’s annual report as Spiritual Director and chair of the Program Committee, and the Treasurer’s report from Jim Walker. There will also be the election of board members and the election of officers, in addition to any other agenda items that we may deal with.

At the Community Meeting, the Transition Team will give a report on four promising properties.

Ajahn Sucitto

May 17 – 21, 2013 (Portland & White Salmon)

Ajahn Sucitto

Ajahn Sucitto will be coming to Portland and White Salmon in May. His schedule will be:

Friday, May 17 – Portland
5:30 – 6:40 PM  Tea and casual conversation
7:00 – 9:00 PM  Mediation, Dhamma talk, Q&A

Saturday, May 18 – White Salmon
Ajahn Sucitto will be offering teachings near the Pacific Hermitage

Sunday, May 19 – Portland
11:00 AM  Meal offering at a private home, everyone welcome. Contact here for details.
5:30 – 6:40 PM  Tea and casual conversation
7:00 – 9:00 PM  Mediation, Dhamma talk, Q&A
(Also, at 12:30 PM until the tea, we will continue packing to move.)

Tuesday, May 21 – White Salmon
Ajahn Sucitto will be offering teachings near the Pacific Hermitage

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