Debbie Stamp Brightens a Winter Weekend

Program News

Sharing stories from her own life, Debbie Stamp reflected on skills for looking after our own heart with patience and kindness. We are grateful to our volunteers  and donors who made it possible for Debbie, a lay teacher and resident of the Abhayagiri community, to visit Friends of the Dhamma again this year. 

With “The Refuge Within” being the theme for the weekend, Debbie’s voice was filled with warmth as she reflected on her life and those small moments or key individuals who brought insight. She encouraged us to see how the small changes that come with our practice can go unnoticed unless we look for them.  

Teachings from the weekend can be found here.

 At the end of weekend Debbie learned of our plans for visiting monastics over the next two years and was so inspired that she gave the dana she had received to Friends of the Dhamma. She wishes to thank everyone for making possible the joy she felt in giving back to our community in this way.