Ever since the Buddha’s time, each generation has passed on his teachings to the next. Its’s an unbroken chain that includes Portland Friends of the Dhamma. Imagine joining this chain of generations by planning a gift to PFoD through your estate. This can be easier to do than you might think. There are two common approaches:

  1. Name PFOD in your will or living trust. This is the most common and flexible way to plan an estate. We can provide some sample language that may help you and your attorney address your goals.
  2. Make PFOD a beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan, life insurance, brokerage or bank account. A beneficiary receives assets upon the death of the account holder. Contact your plan administrator to request a “change of beneficiary” form.

Ancient monasteries have inscriptions illustrating the generosity and compassion of their donors. As we pass on from this life, we can join these ancient donors, leaving an enduring gift for future generations. We appreciate that you are considering such a gift to PFoD. You can learn more by downloading our Planned Giving Packet, or contacting us using the form below.

Here’s what your gift helps us provide:

  • Contact with monastic & lay teachers
  • Weekly classes and workshops
  • A strong children’s program
  • A beautiful and well-maintained building
  • A refuge in the city

You can restrict your gift to a particular purpose. If you want to restrict your gift, it is important to consult with PFoD to ensure that your proposed restriction can be honored.

Portland Friends of the Dhamma gives a tremendous resource to the community, and many people benefit. For people that do have resources, you’re not really asking, but giving people the opportunity to support something really useful. — Luang Por Pasanno