New to Meditation?

  • A beginner’s guide to meditation
  • A Six-Week meditation course (for beginners and/or a refresher)
  • Meet with a teacher for an introduction to our community

Support for Home Practice

  • How to set up a Meditation Shrine
  • Participating in an online retreat from home

Live Streamed Events

  • Sunday Sila
  • Investigations
  • Virtually Bookish
  • Day longs and Retreats

Staying Connected

  • The Observer (online newsletter)
  • The Weekly Bell
  • Volunteer

Recordings from PFoD Reflections

  • Our Podcast

Books offered Freely

  • From PFoD’s library (distribution is currently in-person only).
  • From Abhayagiri (may request books to be mailed, many are downloadable).
  • From Forest Sangha Publications (Download)