Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer? You are now able to link your Rewards Card to Portland Friends of the Dhamma by following the link below. Whenever you use your Rewards Card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping that organization earn a donation from Fred Meyer. There is no charge to you and no reduction in your rewards, only an additional reward for PFoD. If you do not have a Rewards Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer store. All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and scan it every time you shop at Fred Meyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Link your Rewards Card now

Amazon Smile

Do you shop at Amazon will donate 0.5% of your qualifying purchases to the charity of your choice when you participate in the Amazon Smile program.

Support Portland Friends of the Dhamma while you shop at Amazon. Simply click on this Amazon Smile link and you’ll be taken to an page where you can name Portland Friends of the Dhamma as your charity of choice for the Smile program.

When you shop at Amazon in the future, type in your web address bar (or bookmark it), and your purchases will automatically donate money to PFoD at no extra cost to you.

Automate the Amazon Smile Shopping Experience

Tip: You can easily add an extension to certain web browsers and mobile devices that will automatically take you to when you visit Amazon. That way you won’t have to remember to type “smile” in front of “”

  • For Google Chrome, add the extension by visiting this link.
  • Unfortunately, Safari and Internet Explorer do not currently have Amazon Smile extensions.
  • For iPhone and iPad:
    1. Open Safari and type in the web address field at the top. AmazonSmile will open.
    2. Touch the share button (looks like a box with an arrow) to the left of the website address.
    3. Touch “Add to Home Screen.”
    4. Touch “Add.”
    5. Remove the old Amazon app from your home screen (which would take you to regular
      • Hold your finger on the original Amazon app until it wiggles.
      • Touch the black “X” to delete the app. You will see an alert that your Amazon data will be deleted. This will not delete your Amazon account or any of your wish lists or order history. All of that info will be present in the new Amazon Smile app.

Questions about Amazon Smile?

See the Amazon Smile FAQ »