Thank You Donors and Volunteers for a Wonderful Weekend of Study on Right View with Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff)

Program News

We are deeply grateful to our volunteers and donors for helping us provide a lovely and very full weekend of meditation and study with Ajahn Thanissaro. We could not have done this without the care and the kindnesses of so many of you. This support went beyond our local community as visitors from out of town joined in and volunteered. So many pitched in, cleaning before and after the events, managing meals and logistics, and helping with the expenses. Anumodana!

On Friday, Ajahn joined us for tea time. The room was packed and remained so for the entire weekend. During tea time, folks had the opportunity to ask questions about practice. After the break, Ajahn led us in meditation and offered Dhamma reflections introducing us to mundane and transcendent right view. On Saturday we had a full day of step-by-step instruction and encouragement to follow diligently, with right mindfulness and wisdom, the Buddha’s path that can (with right effort) lead one directly from mundane right view to transcendent right view. 

Finally on Sunday, Ajahn offered a guided meditation on right attention. The audience, whether present for one, several or all of the weekend sessions, appeared curious, engaged, and inspired.

Sakula commented, “This weekend with Ajahn Geoff was a real pleasure. I found his step-by-step instructions very encouraging and easy to relax into. And seeing the warm smiles among so many in the large group of participants was pure joy.”

The sessions were recorded and are posted here and available on Apple Music (formerly iTunes) and Stitcher.

You may double click on any photo to see the photos as a slide show.