Dhamma Friends Children’s Program Starts a New Year

Program News

Autumn brings the return of the Dhamma Friends Children’s Program during Sunday Sila at the Center. Generous members of our community are making it possible for Jessica Swanson to continue this year as the lead teacher of the program. Activities include practice bowing, caring for the alter, meeting and interacting with the monks, and short meditations. The children have learned about dana by filling blessing bags for those less fortunate, making offerings at Pah Bah, and helping with the Walk for the Hungry. This year the group will continue the tradition of learning a new pāramī each month.

Jessica Swanson enjoys the morning with the children, “Dhamma Friends Children’s Program is a manifestation of our commitment to families, and it’s been foundational to our Center. It’s an honor — and super fun, if I’m honest — to be downstairs with the kids on Sunday mornings. I look forward to it every week, and I have cherished the connections I’ve made with other parents on the path. It’s my 16th year practicing at PFoD, in large part because of the support my family receives from the community. “

Children at least 3 years old and out of diapers are invited to the class. Younger children may attend with a guardian. Older children may assist with the activities as able and appropriate. Parents may volunteer to help. Please come early to your child’s first session for introductions. Read more…