All in the Family – Monastic Online Offerings


Encouraging Words
Messages to our community from our extended Dhamma family of visiting teachers
Click here to view video and written messages.

Live Stream – Puja’s, Dhamma talks and events
Senior Monastics: Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Ñāniko and Ajahn Karunadhammo
Essays by Ajahn Ñāniko
Tales from the 250 Acre Wood: Portraits of Life at Abhayagiri with Ajahn Ñāniko

News and Announcements
This week includes a Live Stream event and recent Dhamma talks by Ajahn Sumedho addressing practice during this pandemic.
Many podcast to choose from

Mindfulness in the Time of Pandemic: Online Retreat
May 1–10  Open to Everybody

Cittaviveka (aka Chithurst)
Dhamma Video Recordings
With Luang Por Sumedho and Luang Por Sucitto

Karuna Buddhist Vihara
Online Sutta Study with Ayya Santussika

Pacific Hermitage
Live Stream
Puja’s with the monastic residents and interactive conversations with Ajahn Sudanto

Wat Metta
Daily recorded Dhamma talks
Ajahn Geoff (Thanissaro) is giving Dhamma talks every evening.
New Essay on Doing Meditation – snippet: “ involves mastering skills—the skills of meditation—and being clear about what you’re doing while you’re doing it. Only then will you understand action, and only then can you go beyond it.”
Support: The Gift of Dhamma – “For those who want to express gratitude for the teachers’ generosity, the best way is to put the teachings into practice, earnestly―to see for yourself, for your own benefit, and for the benefit of the world.”