Ayya Santussika

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Afternoon Session Translations, Q and A and Closing Chants Feb 7 2021 058

Ayya continues the study of the Highest Blessings, Mangala sutta, using multiple translations and takes more questions. The days closes with a chance to chant the sutta with fresh understanding.

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Morning Session Translations and Q and A Feb 7 2021 057

Ayya begins the study of the Mangala Sutta, The Highest Blessings (Snp2-4). Using multiple translations, she elucidate these instructions for living a blameless life, free of remorse.

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Precepts Feb 7 2021 055

Ayya Santussika met online with Portland Friends of the Dhamma and practitioners from all over the Western Hemisphere. The day opened with an introduction and the taking of the five precepts.

Ayya Santussikā: Directing the Mind, Cooling the Heart Sep 27 2020 045

Ayya Santussikā gives the afternoon talk of our daylong session with her on Directing the Mind, Cooling the Heart. Breath, Brahma Viharas, and suttas inform the instruction. Guidance for daily life is given. The talk is followed by a long, rich question and answer session.

Ayya Santussikā: Directing the Mind, Cooling the Heart Guided Meditation Sep 27 2020 044

In this guided meditation from the morning of our daylong session with Ayya Santussika titled Directing the Mind, Cooling the Heart the foundation is laid for the afternoon’s teaching. Careful practice instruction is given grounded in the Buddha’s teaching.

Ayya Santussika: Six Recollections to Lift the Heart March 8, 2020 039

Having spent the weekend on the theme of joy, Ayya Santussika notes that unworldly joy is an essential part of the path but can be difficult in our culture. She shares reflections on six recollections that each of us can do to help cultivate joy from the Anguttara Nikaya sutta AN3.70 Uposatha, Sabbath.