Ayya Santussika

Ayya Santussika: Six Recollections to Lift the Heart March 8, 2020 039

Having spent the weekend on the theme of joy, Ayya Santussika notes that unworldly joy is an essential part of the path but can be difficult in our culture. She shares reflections on six recollections that each of us can do to help cultivate joy from the Anguttara Nikaya sutta AN3.70 Uposatha, Sabbath.

Ayya Santussika: Happy and Giving in Every Moment March 6, 2020 036

Santussikā Bhikkhunī opens her weekend of teaching with a recollection of her monthlong visit to Ajahn Gunhah in Thailand and what she learned from this arahant and nephew of Ajahn Chah.