five precepts

Luang Por Pasanno: Working Toward the Ending of Suffering and QnA Aug 15 2021 083

Luang Por Pasanno address Sunday Sila on Zoom. He reflects on sila, trust, the five precepts, volitions, kamma, and refining our relationship to our actions, speech and mind. He discusses how dana and sila lay the foundation for creating a good relationship with ourselves and others, confidence and well-being, and working toward the end of suffering. He also answers questions covering faith followers, dhamma followers, stream entry, precepts, letting go of the need to achieve and be successful, dealing with harsh speech in others,

Ayya Medhanandi: Ever Present Refuge: The Basis for Our Happiness Jan 3 2021 050

Ayya Medhanandi teaches Portland Friends of the Dhamma for the first time in a daylong session. The theme was Ever Present Refuge. In this recording she introduces the precepts as the foundation for building happiness.