Luang Por Pasanno: Working Toward the Ending of Suffering and QnA Aug 15 2021 083

Luang Por Pasanno address Sunday Sila on Zoom. He reflects on sila, trust, the five precepts, volitions, kamma, and refining our relationship to our actions, speech and mind. He discusses how dana and sila lay the foundation for creating a good relationship with ourselves and others, confidence and well-being, and working toward the end of suffering. He also answers questions covering faith followers, dhamma followers, stream entry, precepts, letting go of the need to achieve and be successful, dealing with harsh speech in others,

Cittasubha: Receive the Dhamma with an Open Heart and Mind Apr 4 2021 065

Guest lay teacher Cittasubha addresses Sunday Sila, reflecting on the presence of the Buddha’s teachings everywhere. We grow by receiving teachings and then reflecting on them. She shares how to listen to Dhamma with the help of Ajahn Munindo.

Ayya Medhanandi: Ever Present Refuge: The Nimitta of Suffering, Jan 3 2021 051

Ayya Medhanandi begins by asking those assembled what is the most pressing issue now. She leads us to seeing the wisdom of being present in the moment as a refuge from the worldly winds and suffering. While she recognized that there has been great suffering this past year, she pointed out that suffering, in fact, allows us to learn the Dhamma. Our true home is the place within us unperturbed by the conditioned.

Sakula: Disengage from the Proliferating Mind July 26 2020 043

Once we disengage from defilements, trust and discerning can follow more easily. Trust can bring relief. In the space of this relief we can discern an opportunity for good karma. So how do we disengage? Sakula reflects on the process of finding the constriction in the body and ceasing to feed it.